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Supporting small business
Qore is here to help
your business grow.
Anyone can help you to get your business online.
Qore exists to help you get results.
Growth is at our core.

    The core problem
    Small businesses want to advertise online
    Small businesses want to advertise online
    Most small business owners understand the need to acquire traffic online but don't know where to start to get results.
    Hire a digital marketing agency
    Hire a digital marketing agency
    Business owners can approach marketing agencies however as a small business, you will never get their best resources.
    Do-it-yourself Google & Facebook Ads
    Do-it-yourself Google & Facebook Ads
    Whilst major platforms offer SMB solutions to get your started, they will never tell you what's achievable with your investment.
    Our experience in breaking the mold
    Managed over
    US$ 400 Million
    Advertising Spend
    Worked with over
    Built an Ad Server
    US$ 678 Million
    Revenue Generated
    CEO - Robert L.
    Ex-Google NYC
    CEO - Robert L.<br />
Ex-<span>G</span><span>o</span><span>o</span><span>g</span><span>l</span><span>e</span> NYC
    Recognized as one of Google's top consultants worldwide in 2019, Robert left Google to start a performance marketing agency in which his ideas and strategies has driven up to 50x growth for his clients.
    CTO - Nik T.
    Ex-Spotify NYC
    CTO - Nik T.<br />
Ex-Spotify NYC
    Nikhil and his team developed the Spotify Ad Server which now services over $678 million worth of ads a year through its platform. A highly reputable developer who has also worked at Google in New York.

    I’m Rob and I’m working with a fellow Ex-Googler from New York. We have a rich experience of
    I currently run a marketing agency that has scaled clients to up to 50x growth through our strategies.
    Before I had an international career working with brands like Samsung and before working at Google, my family ran a local restaurant which provided me with the opportunities I have today.
    Currently, I run a marketing agency called Kaliber and we’ve faced the dilemma of servicing small businesses at our own practice. We wanted to lower our pricing for Small Businesses without comprosing results, so we created Qore.

    How we designed Qore to work
    The core
    Everything starts with your business
    The starting point of your investment is to understand and quantify what you want to achieve through Qore, what are your core business objectives?
    Outer core
    Aligning our proprietary targeting to your goals
    Applying our proprietary Single Purpose Campaign targeting to minimize wasted ad spend and allow us to focus on high-value opportunities for your business.
    The surface
    High-powered machine learning system
    Qore optimizes bids, user intent, budget attribution across channels and is programmed by our consultants to deliver on your core business objectives. All presented in our educational dashboard.
    Profit Driven
    Profit Driven
    By understanding your business deeper, we’re able to process our machine learning to deliver well within your profit margins.
    Low Cost <br>Managed Services
    Low Cost
    Managed Services
    We’re able to bring down the cost of managed services by 67% making it very affordable for small businesses.
    85% Automated
    85% Automated
    Complete automation is not the answer. We listen to your needs and program Qore's algorithm to drive growth to your business.
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